Climate Change

This winter the ecology class studied the atmosphere, how light is absorbed and the greenhouse effect. We then applied this knowledge to the global threat of climate change or global warming. This heated topic is muddled by input from media, business, politicians and grass root organizations. To make decisions regarding the environment, it is important to research carefully and find evidence that is reviewed by the greater scientific community. Since many of the students watched "An Inconvenient Truth" last year we, instead, watched Glenn Becks,"Exposed, A Climate of Fear". We then used the website, "Media Matters of America", a media watch group to evaluate the arguments presented by "Exposed". The students found the show's arguments were misleading and misinterpreted or misrepresented scientific evidence. To see "Exposed" (in 5 parts) and "Media Matters", go to the following web sites.

Exposed: The Climate of Fear

Media Matters of America

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